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Membership for North Texas Mycological Association (Exp. Dec. 31st)

Membership for North Texas Mycological Association (Exp. Dec. 31st)

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Individual Membership

MushFest 2024 is presented by the North Texas Mycological Association, a local non-profit organization based in the DFW metroplex and surrounding region.  Our association is dedicated to the scientific study of mushrooms, known as mycology, and our events consist of everything from mushroom identification, forays, understanding ecological roles, exploration of mushroom health benefits, cooking, camping, workshops, cultivation, research, and education of all things fungal.

Members of the club get to participate in our monthly forays and classes for free. We meet once a month for our foray, held in different cities within the North Texas area and DFW region, and we also teach one class each month held at the AgriLife Extension Services office in Dallas, off 635 & 75. Our classes are all hybrid presentations, offered in person and available through Zoom as well. Members also receive exclusive discounts and the opportunity to attend members only workshops, classes, and events. 

In addition to the perks above, members get to take advantage of the North Texas Mycological Association's Culture Bank! We have a culture bank of ~25 different species that we have collected over time and/or purchased abroad. Each month we randomly select 5 species to bring to our events to hand out to members so they can learn how to cultivate mushrooms at home for no additional cost. 




  1. Chicken of the Woods - Native Culture
  2. Black Pearl King Oyster 
  3. Blue Oyster 
  4. Pink Oyster
  5. Yellow Oyster
  6. Pathfinder Oyster
  7. Italian Oyster
  8. Antler Reishi
  9. Black Reishi
  10. Ganoderma sessile - Native Culture
  11. Ganoderma curtisii - Native Culture
  12. Maitake
  13. Chestnut
  14. Enoki
  15. Bear’s Head
  16. Lion's Mane
  17. Pioppino
  18. Wine Cap
  19. Shiitake
  20. Glow in the Dark Panellus
  21. Plastic Eating Pestalotiopsis microspora
  22. Turkey Tail - Native Culture
  23. Trametes lactinea *medicinal* - Native Culture
  24. Cordyceps militaris
  25. Cordyceps sinesis


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